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Software for physiotherapists

Our electronic health records management system allows our customers to fully manager their whole clinic, being our customer just private self-employed workers, insurance companies, rehabilitation centers, clinics, or others. The system has been growing over time following our customers requirements and suggestions, with whom we managed to create an easy to use software, with a low learning curve. There are customers with very high level of workload, and they have found in salucenter a system that lets them manage easily all this daily workload.

Patient database

The patient database is the hearth of the software, being it physiotherapy or any other area. Here you can store all the personal data of patients. The fields are configurable, and you can add any number of extra fields. Patients can be grouped into different categories, where each category or type can include different fields.

Planning visits and scheduling

Our visit scheduler is one of the most powerful and configurable in the market. It supports large volumes of workload. Its highlights include:

  • Classification of visits by customizable categories
  • Multiple calendars available.
  • Viewing and filtering by user and/or by category.
  • Criteria of colors to choose: By physiotherapist or by category or treatment.
  • Management of recurring appointments.
  • Bonus and stock/sales management within the same appointment.
  • Price Management.
  • Fully configurable patient notification by email and/or SMS.


You can generate invoices both to private patients or patients coming from insurance companies. In the latter case, you can add authorisations to a patient, and create a partial or total invoice to them. In case of a physiotherapy center with several therapists, you can configure a user to bill on behalf of the company, or set up this user to generate their own bills (with your invoice number independent of the other).

Clinic history

The clinic history will show you all the treatments and all visits made ​​for a given patient. From here you can also generate reports of visits, diagnoses, etc. .. You can also specify what treatments have been used in that session, and later evaluate it and know what are the treatments and they are giving better results.


It is possible to use vouchers, assign some treatments and prices. You will have complete billing data about each bonus (amount paid, amount due) both for bonus and visits.

And much more!

  • Radiographs.
  • Requests for visit.
  • Stock control.
  • Reports.
  • Document generation.
  • Questionnaires.
  • Pathologies of the patient.
  • Drugs.
  • Exams and tests.

... and so on. The physiotherapy management system is constantly evolving. We add new features quite often, and it is important for us to know what each client needs in order to plan the development. To learn more, can visit all features Here

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