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Software for clinics

Our healt software covers all the needs of business in the health sector. The system is highly customizable and configurable, so it can be adapted to any specialty. We have multiple modules available, that can be enabled or disabled depending on how the customer works. The software has been growing over time following the recommendations and guidelines of your customers, recomendations which lead us to create a system well known by its ease of use and low learning curve. Our customers range from from high-volume workload clinics to personal self-employed personal care professionals, which have found in Salucenter software the perfect system that allows them to optimize the way they work and and manage all their daily visits.

Is this free software?

Salucenter is a web-based service. Although there are no sign up fees, there is a monthly maintenance rate, which opens our customers to telephone and emails support, software updates (we launch new versions quite often), and customizations. The prices are available here.

Patient management software in the cloud

Also called cloud computing, is a model that, among other things, allows companies to reduce different costs on software distribution. That is why our prices are so competitive. In contrast to some beliefs, the sotware management in the cloud is very safe, in fact, safer than having the software physically in the computer of your own clinic. Because you delegate the security aspect to us, your next supplier, who has competent and specialized staff for this.

Your patient data, schedule, and business information will be available at all time, from anywhere, in any device.

Another advantage to keep in mind is that with cloud computing you can access data about your clinic, your patients, schedule visits, etc. .. at all times, from any device, just using an Internet connection.

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